The GUNSLING-R provides automobile drivers with immediate access to a hidden handgun mounted discreetly under the driver's front seat. The GUNSLINGR includes everything you need to securely mount a belt loop holster within easy reach. If you find yourself being threatened on the open road, be ready to take advantage of your rights and have the means to protect yourself and your family.

The patent pending universal design of the GUNSLINGR allows the fastest concealed first order retrievability. This means you can hide a firearm where you can get to it quickly without having to open anything and without making threatening movements. The GUNSLINGR is designed to fit all handguns big and small. It can be adjusted for left or right hand draw and the holster can be moved forward or backwards to allow for perfect concealment under your front seat. The three point hook system is the easiest to install and provides an incredibly strong holster mounting point under your front seat, right where you need it!

Minimal Movement to Draw - Totally Concealed - Fully Adjustable

Works with most Pistols - Easiest to Install in Vehicle

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