muzzleMATE Bore Cleaning Tool

cartMM3.jpg muzzleMATE Bore Cleaning Shield
The muzzleMATE is a handy tool that quickly clamps to your firearm muzzle to catch all the patches and dangerous cleaning solvent that shoots out the muzzle during cleaning. The tool installs in seconds and is easy to empty and get ready for the next service. It has a padded clamp that protects firearm finish and you can get replacement tubes to extend the life of the tool. Clean up your mess before you even start!
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cartMM3Pak4.jpg muzzleMATE 3-Pak Tubes
Get the inexpensive replacement tubes to extend the life of your muzzleMATE and make it easy once again to see the mess exiting the muzzle of the firearm you are cleaning. After extended use, the clear plastic becomes stained, due to it's shielding capacity, and becomes difficult to see through.
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cartMMXL1.jpg muzzleMATE XL 8" Tube
The Extra Long Replacement Tube is an 8" version of the original tube that catches more cleaning patches and allows for a longer push through on the tool. Get one with your Order and have that extra capacity ready to install.
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